How the electric car works ?

On an electric car, no fuel tank or combustion engine but an electric motor driven by an electric controller and associated with a battery. if you can not use your electric car, we propose you to join private driver Corse. More or less large, it could cover from 100 to several hundred kilometers depending on the model and could be charged directly on the grid, at home or in a public charging station. Low maintenance costs and much less energy than conventional fuels. Added to this is 100% quiet operation, pleasant driving and zero emissions, electric cars simply do not have exhaust pipes.

electric car maintenance

Just like combustion-powered cars, an electric vehicle must be maintained to maintain its functionality over time. The frequency and maintenance modes of electric vehicles vary according to the producers, nominal powers and production qualities. If your service vehicle is under maintenance, choose porsche 911 turbo rental. Generally speaking, electric vehicles are very easy to keep because they require few parts changes. The maintenance costs advertised for obtaining an electric car are 30 to 40% lower than those of conventional vehicles. A thermal vehicle must be regularly drained of engine oil to ensure proper cooling and lubrication of its engine block. With the electric car, oil change becomes anecdotal because an electric motor does not need lubrication. Without gearbox or clutch, mechanical technological constraints disappear: less wear, less breakage. Regular vehicle users report very good car maintenance benefits. It is estimated that maintenance savings compared to some subconscious vehicles of the same category, for exactly the same mileage, are about 25 to 30% cheaper. The maintenance of an electric car is considerably different in the procedure and safety instructions to be admired, as it is now a work under voltage, linked to high voltages and electric currents. Professionalization of maintenance is therefore crucial, but basic maintenance is still mainly feasible at the level of people. are about 25 to 30% cheaper.

Battery technology

Battery technology is constantly evolving but, to date, an electric car still requires regular charging. Simply connect the supplied cable when you purchase your car to a conventional grounded power outlet. Simply have your installation checked as there is a possibility of overheating during the 10 to 13 hours that the charge will last. To avoid this, most manufacturers recommend installing a wall box, and of course the configuration that needs to be done by a specialist. This wall box will allow you to control your electric car considerably faster and in a totally secure way. In addition, you can get financial assistance for the installation of this equipment through a 30% fee.

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